Maralinga Tjarutja

Palya ngura, welcome to our home

Highlights of the Chairperson Report 2021-2022

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for its support throughout the year. I also thank the funding bodies for their continued support.

Throughout this financial year, MT have administrated several grants that have benefited the community;

  • AAR – Administration – Maralinga Ceduna Office support
  • Roads to Recovery – Ooldea to WA border road maintenance
  • Department of Industry – on-ground support to Maralinga Village under MLEMC
  • Local Government – Administration and road maintenance
  • Local Roads Community Infrastructure – BQ1 upgrade
  • Mining – various agreements and licences
  • Maralinga Village – Commonwealth obligations relating to the Atom Test trials and Tourism
  • MTS Commercial business – Maralinga Tours
  • Maralinga Piling Trust

Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation continue to provide support for the administration of MT Lands. They have also provided funding support to upgrade the Oak Valley Store in the 2022/23 period.

A review of Debris Pits at Maralinga was completed in late 2019 which identified further investigations were required. These investigations occurred in late 2020 and 2021. In the 2021/22 period, a plan to address identified issues commenced.  Kleinfelder was engaged to carry out these investigations and identify solutions. Dept of Industry funds are utilised to support work to be carried out at debris pit sites. The Dept Industry provides an update at each MT Council meeting. 

Maralinga Tours continues to operate well considering the impact of COVID, with closures at various times during the tourist season. The Oak Valley Rangers have ensured the Lands are culturally maintained. They continue to consult with neighbouring communities and stakeholders (when COVID permits) in relation to the proposed Indigenous Protected Area initiative.

Jeremy Le Bois Chairman

Highlights of the General Managers Report 2021-202

Highlights throughout the year include:  

  • With support from the Maralinga Piling Trust, Outback Stores continue to provide services to the Oak Valley Community. The Piling Trust subsidise the Store to ensure a comprehensive range of grocery items are available to Community Members at a reasonable cost.
  • We continued to strengthen our relationship with The Alinytjara Wilurara Landscape Board and Mamungari Board through for fee for service work activities on the lands. 
  • Oak Valley Community received funding for two community houses which were completed in 2021/22 period.
  • Maralinga Tjarutja has a long-standing relationship with the Department of Industry in supporting the management of Section 400, the former British atomic testing site at Maralinga.  Traditional owners and stakeholders continue to meet regularly.
  • The Maralinga Tjarutja Ceduna office staff administer day-to-day requirements. Support is provided to Oak Valley Managers of various departments with planning and reporting requirements, assisting permits, visitors, Maralinga Piling Trust enquiries, and coordination of the weekly freight run to Maralinga Village and Oak Valley Community.

A report on 2021/22 activities would be incomplete without acknowledgement of continued support from the Maralinga Piling Trust for funding support to projects such as Oak Valley Store, Maralinga Village and the provision of assistance to traditional owners for cultural and family-based activities.

Sharon Yendall CEO